4 amazing meals you can enjoy at the campsite


Going camping is one of my favorite weekend activities. I get to spend quality time with my family members or close friends, while enjoying the fresh air from the woods and, sometimes, even some good fishing games.

Ever since I got retired I was blessed with enough spare time and resources to start traveling more and getting to know the beauties of this country better. And, since five-star hotels are not exactly my thing, I am more than welcome to spend days in a comfortable RV, alongside my wife.

So, whether you choose camping in your RV or going into the woods with your own car and camping equipment, one thing is for sure – you cannot spend the night or more than a few hours without cooking. Thus, cooking materials and ingredients are essential to survive and enjoy your outdoor trip.

And no, sandwiches don’t count as a good long-term solution, so here are some of the most delicious meals and useful tips you can enjoy at the campsite.

Cooking tips

Bring enough firewood and an extra grill if you plan on spending the weekend. Grilling and roasting are the main methods to cook in the wild, so make sure you have the required equipment, cutlery, and pots. Aluminum foil is a great cooking method too if you plan on watching your weight and avoid greasy, oily foods.

A camping stove is also a great idea if you’re bringing in your kids or family members. This way you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, prepared under the blue sky, but using modern facilities and cooking methods.


Delicious ingredients to opt for

No matter if you’re a vegan or not, fresh fruits and veggies should not be skipped. They are full of nutritious elements and vitamins and will keep you strong when facing the wildlife. Veggies such as potatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, onions, and mushrooms can be grilled and will make a juicy side dish. You can also use cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce to make fresh salads they can be served alone or with meat.

The best types of meat to opt for when camping are chicken and pork. Sausages and bacon should not miss if you’re a true meat lover. Wings and chicken breast are also easy to cook and will provide you with the right amount of calories and proteins.

Other dishes to consider

The campfire paella is one of the most popular dishes so you shouldn’t skip it. So make sure to pack enough rice, chicken breast, tomatoes, shrimps, onions, garlic, and herbs. Serve with a glass of wine or two.

Quesadillas and lamb kebabs are also very popular and don’t require professional cooking skills. Choose premade wraps and fill them with your own recipe mix of meat or veggies. The lamb kebabs go great with red onion, mushrooms, and bell peppers.