My favorite travel websites


Getting the right resources to travel with your friends and family is rather difficult nowadays. On the one hand, the economy doesn’t let us travel the world as we could several decades ago. Perhaps our parents were a bit more lucky in this sense.

You don’t need a lot of money to be adventurous, however, and the coolest thing about this hobby is that it doesn’t even need to cost a fortune. If you have nothing against sharing your room with other people and bringing along just some of your essentials, you’re all good to go. Of course, some people might be a tad pickier than that, which is to say that they might want to travel in style and perhaps stay at a hotel.



When I was younger, I tried Couchsurfing with my boyfriend, and it turned out to be the coolest experience of my life. You know how people say that money doesn’t matter because your life experiences matter more? Well, that might not be true in all cases, but it was in ours. We took a trip to The Netherlands and Germany thanks to the site I mentioned above. What I did was look for hosts ahead of time and get in touch with these people to ask them whether they could offer us a couch or room for a night. Once we got to Cologne, the city we landed in, we rented a car, and for ten days, we went from one town to the next.

So, the first site I can recommend when it comes to travel, especially if you don’t have a lot of funds, is Couchsurfing.


Another website I used extensively is It’s one of the most popular sites in Europe especially, and for a good reason, in my opinion. The neatest thing about it is that, if you want to visit a town, there’s always a myriad of hotels and bed and breakfasts you can stay at for a decent fee. Their offers are updated every couple of days or so, and new lodging becomes available for fair prices. is another site I’ve tried in the past, and it did wonders for me. When I was about 25, I had to travel to Vienna for an international conference, and I found a reasonably priced hotel right next to the location of the meeting. Of course, I was way too tired to go out and visit Vienna, so I decided to take a stroll here and there. The sights are absolutely breathtaking, and while I did promise myself to visit the city again, I never got to it.


Finally, if you’re all out of ideas and you don’t know where your future adventures should take you, I recommend checking out the BBC Travel website. It’s packed with loads of details regarding European locations, specialty dishes, exotic destinations, and a bunch of other tips and tricks you might need whenever you go to a country other than your own.